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Schedule an Appointment with a Patient - Knowledgebase / VSee Clinic for Providers / Scheduling - VSee Helpdesk

Schedule an Appointment with a Patient

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1. Access the calendar.

  • For providers, click Calendar on your provider dashboard.
  • For clinic admins assisting the provider, go to Admin panel > Schedule.

2. The calendar can be displayed in month, week or day view. Select your preferred appointment date.

3. Click Schedule Appointment.

4. On the New Appointment window, select and check if all the details such as visit options, date and time are correct.

  • If you belong to multiple rooms, make sure you choose the correct room. 
  • If you are a clinic staff or admin, make sure you assigned the correct provider. 

5. Search and select a patient account from the list by clicking on it.

If not found,  create one by clicking on New Patient. You need at least the patient's first name, last name and email address.

Click Continue.

6. Check the appointment details and click Confirm

7. Both the patient and provider will receive an email and/or SMS (if enabled) regarding the confirmed appointment.

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