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How to Create a Visit as a Provider

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1. On your provider dashboard, click the Schedule tab from the top menu.

Note: The calendar will display today's view and can also be viewed as a month, week, or day view. 

2. Click the +Create button or click and drag on the calendar for the preferred date and time of the appointment. 

3. Then select Create New Visit.

A pop-up window will appear.

Note: You can edit the Visit Name by clicking on Edit or you can use the default Visit name. For more information, please read: How to Add a Descriptive Name When Creating Appointments

4. Indicate the date and time of the appointment.

5. Choose the Visit Type.

Note: If you belong to multiple rooms, make sure you choose the correct room from the dropdown options.

6. Select the Visit Option.

Note: You can add more visit options by clicking on the +New button.

7. Search and select the patient account by clicking on it.

Note: If the patient is not found, create one by clicking on Create new patient or click the +New button on the right. 

The "Create New Patient" field will appear.

A. Input at least the patient's first name, last name, and email address.

Note: It is optional to add the Phone number and Date of Birth.

You can also click on View More to add other details about the patient.

B. Click Save.

If the patient is a Dependent, click the checkbox on Create as Dependent. 

A. You need to search and select the Primary Account or the parent/guardian of the patient (whose account should already be created in the clinic system). 

If the primary account's name is not searchable, uncheck the Create as Dependent checkbox and create the primary account first.

B. Input at least the dependent's first name, last name, and date of birth. 

Note: It is optional to add the Phone number you can also click on View More to add other details about the patient.

C. Click on Save.

Note: For MORE OPTIONS, you can add secondary providers under +More provider, guests under +Other guest, and send reminders to the participants of the visit under +Reminders.

8. Click on Create Visit to proceed.

9. Check the appointment details and click on Confirm to complete creating the scheduled appointment.

The visit has been confirmed.

Both the provider and patient will receive an email and/or SMS (if enabled) regarding the confirmed appointment.

Provider side

Patient side

Scope and Limitations

  • The Scheduling feature is available only for Enterprise, Premium, and Plus clinics.

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This article was last updated on: 05 April 2023

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