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How to Add a Descriptive Name When Creating Appointments

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Adding a descriptive name to scheduled visits allows both Provider and Patient to know what the visit is all about. Schedulers can create appointments with a descriptive Visit Name which will show on the appointment invitation and reminder emails and texts.


How to Add a Descriptive Name when Creating a Scheduled Visit?

What Do Patients See When They Receive Confirmations and Updates That Have a Visit Name?


Adding a Descriptive Name When Creating a Scheduled Visit

When creating a scheduled visit, add a descriptive name for the appointment under the Visit Name field.

Click on Edit to be able to add the visit name.

Note: You can request to set up a default visit name for every appointment.

Click on Use default  to go back to using the default visit name.

Once you are done adding the visit name and other required fields, click Create Visit and complete the appointment. 


Viewing Confirmations and Updates with an Appointment Name

Provider Side

Patient Side

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Last updated on: 14 March 2022

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