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How to Create Visit Slots

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Patients are more inclined to keep their appointments when they can do so on their own terms, without driving or scheduling a ride to your office. And when patients do cancel or you have a no-show, you can easily fill the slots left empty on your schedule with visits with other patients. This gives patients in your practice the ability to enjoy walk-in convenience from home, with handy online scheduling through your VSee Clinic.

Set Up your Visit Time Slots

1. On your provider dashboard, click the Schedule tab from the top menu.

2. Click the +Create button or click and drag on the calendar for your available visit time slots. 

3.  Then select Create Slots.

4. Specify the start date, then the start time and end time of your preferred time slots. 

You can customize and set it to repeat on specific days of the week. 

5. Click Confirm to save.

You will see a notification that you have successfully created the slots.

You will see the created visit time slots on your calendar with a blue background. 

Your patients can now book an appointment with you through the Clinic landing page. 

Scope and Limitations

  • The Scheduling feature is available only for Enterprise, Premium, and Plus Clinics.

Need more assistance? Send us an email at or check out the Help section under the Profile Menu of your VSee Clinic.


Last updated on: 20 July 2023

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