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Sign Up For A VSee Clinic Provider Account

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Creating your own VSee Clinic as a provider is easy. You will be guided with step-by-step instructions. Before signing up for a VSee Clinic as a provider, please check out this article - VSee Clinic System Requirements and Specifications.  

  • Are you a Patient and not sure what to sign up for? Please go to Patient for guidance.

  • Are you a Provider? Proceed below.

How Do I Create My Own VSee Clinic

My Practice Already Has An Active VSee Clinic, How Can I Sign Up to Access the Clinic?

Scope and Limitations

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Creating a Free VSee Clinic Account

1. Please go to the setup page here to create your own VSee Clinic. 

2. You will be taken to the Sign Up page. Please fill in the e-mail address you wish to use for your VSee Clinic, you can also fill in your phone number should you wish to.

3. Click on Sign Up


4. The screen below will be shown, confirming that an account activation e-mail has been sent to the e-mail address you entered.

5. Please check your e-mail inbox for an e-mail with the subject: “Complete your VSee Clinic Setup” and open the e-mail.

6. Click on Complete Setup.

 A) In case the link does not work, you may copy and paste the link below the button unto the address bar of your internet browser. You will be taken to your internet browser on the Clinic Setup screen. 

7. Fill out the information being requested on the fields. The “Work E-mail” should already have been filled out with the e-mail address you used to create the VSee Account.

Note: If you need to request a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) for HIPAA compliance, please tick the box.

8. Click on Continue. You will now proceed to the next part of setting up your clinic: the Personalize Your Waiting Room screen.


Personalize Your Waiting Room

The next part of setting up your VSee Clinic is personalizing the Waiting Room. Your patients will be able to see these details.

1. You can now personalize the different parts of your waiting room. Please be careful in typing your “Domain” and “Clinic Name” as editing these in the future will require admin access.

2. You can preview the changes to these elements by clicking on Preview. 

3. This area will refresh and will update to what the Waiting Room will look like with the elements you have typed in.

4. When you are done personalizing your Waiting Room, click on Next. You will be taken to your clinic dashboard.


You are now ready to use your Free VSee Clinic.

If you are signing up for a VSee Messenger account, go here instead.

To learn more about VSee Clinic and its upgrade plans, go to Telemedicine Product - VSee Clinic or contact us at Contact Sales

Accessing an existing VSee Clinic as a new provider

If your practice already has a VSee Clinic and you need provider access to it, please reach out to your internal clinic admin or contact us at

Contact Sales.

Scope and Limitations:

  • Creating a VSee Clinic is only for providers

VSee Clinic System Requirements and Specifications - Knowledgebase / VSee Clinic for Patients - VSee Helpdesk 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Last updated on: 26 May 2022

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