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Mute Chat Notifications

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Getting ringtones or notifications when someone sends you a message is not ideal at all times especially when you are giving a presentation or when on a call with someone. VSee Messenger allows you to mute these notifications to avoid any disturbances.

Mute a Specific Group Chat

  1. Open and Log in to Vsee Messenger

  2. Go to Chats

  3. Select the Group Chat you want to mute notifications from

  4. Click on the 3 dots

  5. Then click Mute Notifications

Note: To unmute, simply do the same steps then select Unmute Notifications.

Mute All Chat Notifications During a Call

  1. Open and Log in to Vsee Messenger

  2. Click on the gear icon

  3. Then General

  4. Put a Check on Mute chat notifications when in a call


Scope and Limitations:

  • There is currently no option to mute a specific contact or chat thread.




If you have any questions, please contact us at

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