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Manage Meeting-Related-Controls

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As a meeting host, Provider can access different functions from the meeting related controls of the Visit Page. Managing these controls can make the Visit with the Participants more productive and smoother.  

1. CallProvider can initiate a call through the Visit Page instead of doing it to the Provider’s Dashboard.

2. Add Participants

Providers can use this feature to conveniently add multiple people from their Waiting Room into an ongoing one-on-one call, essentially turning it into a Group Call.

How to Use Ad hoc Group Calling

3. Group Chat

Group Chat allows the Providers to send instant messages and files among all the Participants of the Visit and vice versa. All members of the visit have the ability to read everything that is being sent using this feature.

How to Use Group Chat

4. End Visit

Provider can end the appointment using this feature. Once the call has officially ended, Patient will be automatically removed from the Waiting Room. 

How to End the Visit (New Visit Page)

5. Ellipsis Button

You can do the following with the ellipsis button:

A. Send Visit Reminder

B. Cancel Visit

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This article was last updated on: 16 December 2022

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