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Connectivity Test | Trouble Connecting to VSee

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If you are having trouble logging into or connecting to VSee, most probably a firewall is blocking the app from communicating with VSee servers. 

1. Go to to confirm that you can connect to the required servers. 

2. Click Run Diagnostic. This connectivity checker will show if your connection can access the sites necessary to make a VSee call. 

3. If you see a check mark in each server, it confirms that you can connect to the required servers. However it could be possible that this page may not be able to detect a firewall block which is common in a corporate or hospital setting.

4. If it indicates a connection failure in one of the servers, or if it shows passed in all servers but you are still stuck "connecting", we recommend below:

  • If you are in a corporate network, it is likely that there is a firewall between your network and the Internet. Please have your IT team do below:
    • Check to see the port numbers to be opened. 
    • Check for content filter that blocks XMPP/IM services, an exception should be made for
    • Try adding an exception to the VSee client in all active firewalls. We recommend googling "add firewall exception to [your firewall program]" for instructions on how to do this
    • Click on Share Results and send it to so we can further check on the problem.
  • If you are NOT in a corporate network, please save your log file and send it to See 

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