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Save Log File for Troubleshooting Purposes - Knowledgebase / VSee Messenger (Providers and Patients) - VSee Helpdesk

Save Log File for Troubleshooting Purposes

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Log files allow VSee support engineers and developers to better investigate and troubleshoot technical issues.

1. Open the VSee Messenger app. 

2. It is best to get the log file while you are experiencing the issue you want to report. If possible, please try to reproduce steps you did up until you experience the same problem. As soon as you do, click on the 3 horizontal dots > Tools > Save Log File.

You can type Ctrl + L (Win) or Cmd + L (Mac) as a shortcut.  

3. The file will be saved in your desktop or folder. Please send it to along with a detailed description of the problem. We thank you for your help!



If you are stuck in the connecting mode, you may not be able to create a log file. We recommend doing advance troubleshooting steps indicated at or contact us at so we can assist you.

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