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Advanced Logging on Windows

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If you are stuck in the connecting mode, you may not be able to create a log file with the usual steps indicated at Save Log File for Troubleshooting Purposes. Unfortunately, we currently have no support to generate logs on the fly so you will have to take some more advanced steps as outlined below.

  1. Create a Windows shortcut to the VSee.exe (or copy the one on your desktop).

  2. Right-click the VSee shortcut, and select Properties.

  3. Add "-debug_file vseelog.txt" (without the quotes) to the end of the Target field.

  4. Press OK and make sure VSee is not running, then start the VSee application with the new shortcut.

  5. After 20-30 seconds of attempting connection, close the VSee application again.

  6. Find the log file by pressing Windows-Key + R, then enter %appdata% in the field:

  7. Go to the VSee folder and find the vseelog.txt file that is there.


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