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Clinic Admin: Manage Rooms

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Managing rooms and providers actually go hand-in-hand when you have Clinic Admin access. As Clinic Admin, you can:

  • Create the room first then assign existing providers, or
  • Create a Provider account first then assign it to existing rooms

Create a Room

1. Admin panel > Rooms

2. Click on +New Room.

3. Fill in with the required waiting room details. 

  • Domain: This is the domain where you have admin access e.g. You cannot change this. 

  • Slug: Main identifier of a room and is part of the Clinic URL. Combining the domain and slug creates the Clinic URL in this format: e.g.

  • Name: Indicate the Room name. It will appear to patients as "Welcome to [Room Name]" e.g. typing "My Clinic" will show as "Welcome to My Clinic".

  • Code: This is a unique alphanumeric code that patients will use to enter your room via the VSee Clinic mobile app. 

  • Assignments: This is where you assign existing users to the room. Skip this field if you haven't created the provider accounts yet. You can assign them later.

  • Is Active? (checkbox): This is ticked by default. Uncheck it if you do not want a room to be active. 

4. Click Create.

You have successfully created a room! Do not forget to assign providers if you have not done yet. To check and test your new room, please type the clinic URL on your web or mobile browser.

 Edit a Room

1. Admin panel> Rooms.

2. Search for the room. Check Show Inactive Rooms to display both active and inactive rooms.

3. Click on the pencil icon to edit a room.

4. To deactivate a room, uncheck Is Active? To delete a room entirely, click on the trash icon.

5. Click Update or OK to save your changes.

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