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Jun 12 2023

VSee Messenger 4.18 - Multi-Factor Authentication and App Improvements

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Check out VSee Messenger’s new Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature and other app improvements on June 12.

MFA Login for an Enhanced Security for Organizations

VSee Messenger users who belong to Organizations can now get an extra layer of security using the new Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Providers or users from the Organizations who require MFA will need to pass an additional verification step to access their VSee Messenger accounts.

Note: This feature is enabled upon request for Organizations only, please contact Sales or your Account Manager to enable this in your Organization.

To learn more about MFA, please click here.

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We have made several improvements and bug fixes in this release.


  • Return search results for recent chats, recent contacts, and recently archived chats.

  • Show visual feedback when someone is responding to a chat message.

  • Improved usability for iOS and Android users when selecting contacts in the Contacts tab, especially while searching for contact(s).

  • Picture-in-picture feature for iOS

    • Multitasking: be able to view the remote’s video and continue with the call while using another application on iOS devices.

  • Native support for ARM processor architecture on Mac (Mac devices with Apple silicon processor)

    • Faster processing speeds.

    • Enhanced performance.

    • Longer battery life.

    • Rosetta is no longer needed to be installed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed low-resolution issue for HD Webcam eMeet C960 (Mac).

  • Fixed no recording indicator when the video is popped out (Mac).

  • Fixed no recording indicator when receiving screen share (iOS/Android).

  • Fixed audio output through the earpiece instead of the loudspeaker on certain devices (Android).

  • Fixed audio stopped working after receiving a voice phone call (Android).

  • Fixed wrong status indicator when sending files through in-call chat (Android).

  • Fixed chat synchronization status if disconnected from the network briefly (Android).

  • Fixed freezing video for the rear camera when switching between multiple applications (Android).

  • Fixed crashes which happen sometimes when connecting to the VSee server (Android).

  • Fixed slowness when receiving calls on some Android 13 devices.

  • Fixed audio issue on some Bluetooth devices (Android).

Don’t forget to upgrade to the latest version on the day of the release. 

If you have any questions or have encountered any issues related to this release, please contact us at

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