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VM 4.19 - New Start/Stop Recording and Video Window Zoom Buttons - News / VSee Messenger - VSee Helpdesk

Sep 9 2023

VM 4.19 - New Start/Stop Recording and Video Window Zoom Buttons

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New window control improvements on September 8 to enhance your VSee Messenger experience.

New Start and Stop Recording for VSee Enterprise

Previously, there was no way for a provider to start or stop the recording on the VSee Messenger app. Now, you can start and stop the recording multiple times during the call.

This helps you to keep clear records of your medical consultations and discussions with your patients - whether you are using the VSee Messenger or VSee Clinic to see patients.

This feature only applies to Enterprise products. Please contact Sales or your Account Manager to enable this feature on your account.

To learn more about the Start and Stop Recording, click here.

2 Prompt Start Recording Popup.png
2 Prompt Start Recording Popup (1).png

New Zoom-in and Zoom-out buttons for VSee on PCs

Previously, the only way you could zoom in or zoom out of a shared screen was by scrolling your mouse wheel. We’ve now added zoom-in and zoom-out buttons on the screenshare toolbar for users without a mouse wheel or who didn’t know they could zoom in and out. Now PC users can view screenshares with greater clarity for smoother discussions!

Zooming in allows you to magnify the item and zooming out allows you to pan out your view.

Note: This feature already exists for MAC users.

zoom in zoom out.png

Upgrade to the latest version today.

If you have any questions or have encountered any issues related to this release, please contact us at

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