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VSee Clinic 5.5 Release - Text Macro Phase II, End of Old Visit Page - News / VSee Clinic - VSee Helpdesk

Mar 25 2024

VSee Clinic 5.5 Release - Text Macro Phase II, End of Old Visit Page

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We are thrilled to share exciting news on Mar. 25 as we unveil the second phase for the Text Macro feature and that we will officially move forward with the Visit page version 2.


Revolutionize your Documentation: Text Macro Phase II

In the previous release, the text macro feature is only available for Chats. But now you can also use it for your SOAP Notes and Internal Memo. You can even import .csv files.


Providers and Clinic Admins can now manage the Text Macro created for Chats, SOAP Notes, and Internal Memo.


To learn more on how to use the Text Macro feature, click here.

Final Reminder: Discontinuation of the Old Visit Page

The time has come. We will now be permanently sunsetting the old Visit Page. Many of you are already using the new Visit Page, and there will be no need to do anything.

However, for those who are still using the Old Visit Page, your clinics will automatically be switched to the new Visit page version effectively on March 25. If you're eager to explore the enhanced features ahead of time, you also have the option to manually switch to the new Visit Page.

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If you have any questions related to this release, please contact us at

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