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How to Use Text Macro

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What is Text Macro?

Text Macro allows users to define and use shorthand notations for longer pieces of text or code. This is useful for automating repetitive tasks, inserting commonly used code snippets, or speeding up the text input process.


How to Use Text Macro in Chat?

Even before you are on the call with the Patient, you can already use the Text Macro feature in the Visit Chat or Direct Message.

Click on the chat icon.

A chat window will open at the bottom right.

Type in a forward slash symbol ( / ) and it will show the recent text that you copied or the Text Macro customizations you recently created.

If you need to create a new Text Macro, click on the gear icon.



A pop-up window will appear to show the Text Macro Dataset.

Here you will see all the customizations you’ve created.

Click on New Entry to create a new one.

Enter the Code and the Actual text.

Click on Save Changes.

When you are on the call, you can also use the Text Macro feature.

Click on the chat icon on the menu bar or the Visit Chat icon at the top right.

You can also use Text Macro for Direct Message.

A patient can also use the Text Macro feature just the same for both Visit Chat and Direct Message.





  • The Text Macro you created from either the 'Visit chat' or the 'Direct Message' can be used interchangeably.

  • All the Text Macro you’ve created can be used for the same patient on the next visit, or for other patients of yours.

  • A Text Macro is created per Provider of the Clinic.


Need more assistance? Send us an email at or check out the Help section under the Profile Menu of your VSee Clinic.

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