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What Are The Recommended Webcams?

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Having a webcam is essential for a telehealth visit. This will allow users to see each other which could help in doing diagnosis, presentations, and better communication for the participants on a call. Below are some of the webcams VSee recommends users to use to have the best experience during a video call.

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 7 Best Webcams for Video Calling. Other good cameras that work well with VSee are the Logitech cc3000e, PTZ Pro, and PTZ Pro 2.

For laptops, built-in cameras are also fine. Please look for webcams that can capture at a resolution of at least "HD 720P" and also has an "autofocus" feature to have a better video feed output.

Most cameras these days also include a built-in microphone which works just fine most of the time, however, having a dedicated microphone or headset w/ a microphone will produce better audio quality.

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