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How to View an E-Consult Response (Patient)

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Viewing E-Consult Response

The Patient will receive an email notification once the Provider has answered the e-Consult request. 

Click on View E-Consult, and you will be routed to the landing page of the clinic. 

The Patient is required to log in to the VSee Clinic to view the response of the Provider.


Viewing Recent E-Consult Response

The Patient can view recent e-Consult requests under the Recent E-consult field.

Once the status shows as “Completed” the Provider has provided the e-Consult response.

1. Click on View Notes to check the response.

2. Check the Provider's response through the Patient Instructions field, and the attached file if there is any.


Viewing All or Past E-Consults

To view all or past e-Consult requests;

  1. Click on Visits tab.

2. Once the Provider has answered the e-Consult request, it will be found under Past Visits. Scroll through the visits under Type column, locate the E-Consult request.

Note: If you have multiple recent video consultations, click the arrow down button under Type column.

3. Click on View under Visit Summary column to check the response. 

The same steps apply: Viewing Recent E-Consult Response


Scope and Limitations

  • This is also available using VSee Clinic Mobile App for Patients 


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Last updated on: 25 Jan, 2022

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