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How to Send an E-Consult (Patient)

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What is an E-Consult? 

This feature is also known as asynchronous messaging/chat.

Instead of getting into a videocall visit with the Provider, the Patient (or another Provider) can submit an e-Consult for a medical inquiry that does not need an urgent response.


Sending an E-Consult to a Preferred Provider

For a multi-Provider clinic, the patient needs to;

1. Click on the Provider to view profile. As long as the Provider has enabled e-Consult, there should be a message stating that the selected Provider “Accepts e-Consult.”

2. Click on Submit e-Consult button.

3. Input your medical inquiry under the Reason for visit/Chief complaint field. You may also attach a file. Click on Continue to proceed.

4. A pop-up notification will show once the e-Consult has been submitted successfully. Click Close.


Sending an E-Consult Without a Preferred Provider

If the patient has no preferred Provider, the Patient can also just choose to click on the main Submit e-Consult button, and any Provider can accept to answer it later on.

The same steps apply: Sending an e-Consult to a Preferred Provider


Sending an E-Consult to a Solo-Provider Clinic

For a solo-Provider clinic, a Patient can directly send an e-Consult to the Provider by clicking on Submit e-Consult button on the landing page of the clinic.

The same steps apply: Sending an e-Consult to a Preferred Provider


Scope and Limitations

  • This is also available using VSee Clinic Mobile App for Patients 


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Last updated on: 25 Jan, 2022

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