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How to Use the SOAP Notes

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While you are on the call with the patient, you can add your notes. 

Note: Updating the Notes can also be done after the visit.

1. Click on the Notes tab.

You will first see the patient’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) section. Read here to know how to update the Patient’s EMR. 

You will then see New Prescriptions that allow you to prescribe medication for the patient. There is also a table to view the patient’s recently prescribed medications. Read here to know how to use the eRX feature.

You may click on Preferred Pharmacy to update the Patient’s selected pharmacy during the Intake process.

2. Input your notes from Subjective - Objective - Assessment.

Note: You can use the scrollbar on the right to scroll up and down the page.

3. Input your notes from Plan - Diagnosis - Patient Instructions.

The fields for Subjective - Objective - Assessment - Plan - Diagnosis - Patient Instructions all have the option to use and add Note Templates. This will serve as your shortcut for faster taking down of notes during the telemedicine consultation.

Note: You can only add text templates and not upload any files. 

A. Click on the Note Templates dropdown and select from the available options, or click Add New Template.

B. Add a Template Title.

C. Add the Template Content.

D. Click on Save.

Note: When you add a Note template, this will still be available for you to use on your next appointments, whether it is for the same patient or for other patients of yours. These templates cannot be seen or used by other Providers of the clinic. 

4. You have the option to attach files for the Patient to view in his/her visit summary.

5. Click Sign & Send to submit the visit summary to the patient. Or you can also click on Save to finish later.

Note: Only the Patient instructions and Uploaded files will be seen in the patient’s visit summary.

You still have the option to click on Edit if you need to update the Notes.

Note: An updated visit summary will be sent to the patient.  

Note: The screenshots above are taken using the new visit page versionTo know how to switch to the new version, read: Three Ways to Switch From Old to New Visit Page.


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This article was last updated on: 12 April 2023

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