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Aug 10 2020

VSee Messenger 4.9 – Apple Sign In and Geographical Video Bridge Support

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We are excited to announce this new update to be released ETA 17th Aug. Please check out the summary of changes below.

1. Sign In with Apple (and Google)

This will allow users to login to VSee Messenger using their Apple ID. 

Apple Sign In is implemented on all platforms except Windows and macOS when not downloaded from the Mac App Store. On iOS this is only supported on iOS 13 or newer. Although Apple Sign In was not implemented on Windows in this update, Google Sign in was implemented on Windows for the first time in this release (Google Sign in has been available on other platforms for some time).

2. Peer-to-Peer Calling Between App and Browser

Before this release any 1-1 calls between VSee Messenger (app-based) and the browser had to go through our video bridge server. 

With this release VSee Messenger will attempt to negotiate a direct connection which should lead to better call quality. All group calls (not 1-1) still require going through the video bridge when a browser is involved in the call.

3. Geographical Video Bridge Support

To improve call quality, VSee Messenger now supports “geographical bridges”. This just means that all call participants will try to connect to the closest video bridge which can lead to a substantial improvement in call quality.

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