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Mar 7 2022

VSee Messenger 4.13.0 – Leveling Up Your Group Chats & Annotations

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VSee Messenger version 4.13.0 will be available for download starting on March 7th.

  • New! Now you can join up to 48 Group Chats
  • New! See all annotations in an existing call
  • New! Dark Mode for macOS

See what’s new below:

1. New Group Chat features

  • The new maximum number of group chat rooms a user can join has now increased from 18 to 48.

*Note: Older versions of VSee Messenger are still restricted to the 18 group chat room limit. If you use the new version to add over 18 group chats, and then log into an older version of VSee Messenger, you will lose all the group chats you added over the 18 room limit.

  • Previously, all unnamed chat rooms were considered temporary. Now, all rooms will be created as persistent rooms and the group chat creator will be required to enter a name for the group before it will be created.

2. See All Annotations

  • Users that join an existing call will now also be able to see any annotations that were drawn prior to them joining the call.

3. New Update Warnings

  • Not sure if you’re on an old or updated version of Messenger? You will now receive warnings to update if you are running older versions of VSee.

Windows: The message will be sent as a system chat message.


4. Dark mode for macOS

  • Dark mode is now supported on macOS. The choice to display dark mode can be controlled through the macOS System Settings.

Click here to learn more about this release:

  • Link to download VSee Messenger version 4.13 (available on March 7, 2022)
  • Troubleshooting guide

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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