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Mar 6 2020

VSee Clinic Web 4.0 – No More Downloads

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This is the release you have all been waiting for!!! We are super excited and proud to announce our very first release of NO DOWNLOADS, in-browser video calling! Learn more about how it works below. Also check out the other new features that are now available in VSee Clinic!

1. No more downloads: Stress-free in-browser calling

Ever had trouble getting a patient to download VSee on their first video visit? We are taking that stress out of connecting online. Try our new in-browser video calling experience. This means patients don’t need to download any VSee apps on their device!* Just a quick, simple sign-in and they are ready to go! 

For providers, the video will be embedded right on the same page as your patient notes, history, etc., so you can be in and out of your call without any fuss. No more need to spend time arranging your windows. 

VSee Clinic call reports will also include phone call-ins and in-browser video meetings. 

This feature is only released to the Free Version VSee Clinic. If you’d like to enable for your clinic, please contact us at

Please note that the in-browser VSee does not yet allow for screenshare annotations or video recording.

*Currently supported only for Chrome and Firefox on desktop. Not supported on any mobile browser. We are looking into supporting other web browsers and on mobile but no ETA yet. For mobile, using the VSee Clinic app still provides the best patient experience.

2. Securely bring a family member or interpreter into a video visit

Does your patient have a remote family member or friend that they want on the call?
Do you need another provider or translator to sit in during a consultation?

You can now securely bring guests into a consultation! Simply send them the call link or dial-in number displayed below your video window.

3. One portal to log in for providers who belong to multiple clinics

Providers who are affiliated with multiple clinics can now log in from a single portal. Switching between clinics is now convenient and easy – no need to login multiple times into different clinics. Providers can also now choose to display all patients and appointments from a single clinic or from all clinics they are affiliated with.

Other improvements and fixes are included in this release. If you have any questions, drop us an email at

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