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VSee Clinic Web 4.0.4 – Calendar Access for CSRs, Auto-Set Your Clinic Hours - News / VSee Clinic - VSee Helpdesk

Jun 8 2020

VSee Clinic Web 4.0.4 – Calendar Access for CSRs, Auto-Set Your Clinic Hours

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We have released a new set of features! Please check out below for the summary.

1. Calendar Management Privileges For The CSR Role

Previous to this release only the Clinic Admin Role had access to providers’ calendars to set availability and create patient appointments. In this release, the CSR Role now has access on their own dashboard. This means you can restrict access to other Clinic settings to only those who will be managing the Clinic. For example, scheduling admins can be assigned the CSR Role to manage their providers’ schedules and appointments without having to make them Clinic Admins.    

On the CSR main dashboard, they can create provider availability slots, view and schedule patient appointments for providers that belong to their same room. 

If you would like to try it on your clinic, please contact us at

2. New Patient Queue & Sound Options For Multiple Room Management

We are taking one more step to make consultations easier for providers who belong to multiple rooms. Aside from sound alerts, you can now select which rooms you want to see walk-in patients.


3. Set Your Clinic’s Hours of Operation To Auto Open and Close (Beta)

Previous versions of VSee Clinic required you to manually switch on and off your room if you wanted to make it unavailable to patients during certain hours. In this new release, you can now set your room(s) to automatically “open” or “close” during your desired hours of operation. This can be done from “Waiting Room Settings” under your “My Clinic” drop down menu .

4. For Patients – Switch Clinics Fast (on Web)

Similar to the VSee Clinic Mobile App, patients on a laptop or computer and who are registered to multiple clinics can now easily switch clinics without having to logout.

In addition, providers and CSRs can now easily schedule appointments for patients who are registered to another clinic.

Other improvements and fixes are also included in this release. If you have any questions, drop us an email at

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