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What is Patient Queue Auto-Sorting

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VSee Clinic now has the Waiting Room Dashboard Sorting that allows the Provider or Clinic staff to sort the ongoing visits of the Clinic.

There are two ways to sort the visit:

1. Wait Time  

2. Triage Condition    


Sorting by Wait Time

From the Waiting room Dashboard, you can choose to sort the visit by Oldest to Newest or by Newest to Oldest.

bb.JPGNote: Currently, Sorting by Wait Time is enabled by phases for most The Patient Queue Auto-Sorting (based on wait time) will be enabled on the Waiting Room Dashboard in phases starting on the day of the release and will be fully enabled by the next release — VC 6.0.1.


Sorting by Triage Condition

From the Waiting room Dashboard, you can choose to sort the triage condition by Most urgent to Least urgent or by Least urgent to Most urgent.


On the Patients side, during the Intake process, they would be able to select the level of urgency of their visit under the Triage Condition dropdown.

They can select Non-urgent (Minor), Urgent (Moderate), or Emergent (Critical).

aa.JPGOn the Provider side, the Provider or the Clinic staff can edit or update the Triage Condition on the Waiting Room Dashboard.


Note: Please reach out to your Account Manager if you'd like to enable Dashboard Sorting Based on Triage condition in your Clinic.



Need more assistance? Send us an email at or check out the Help section under the Profile Menu of your VSee Clinic.

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