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Three Ways to Switch from Old to New Visit Page

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Update: March 25, 2024 

We have permanently sunsetted the old Visit Page and there will be no need to do anything. To learn more about the New Visit Page, click here.

There are three ways to switch to the new Visit page. 


1. Purple Banner from the Patient’s Tab

2. Purple Banner from the Patient’s Visit Details Page

3. Profile Menu


How to Switch from Patients Tab

1. Click on the Patients Tab

2. At the upper left portion of your screen, click on Try New Look

How to Switch from Visit Details Page

Click on the purple banner that says “Try New Look”

How to Switch from Profile Menu

1. Click on Profile Menu.

2. Click Switch to New Visit Page.


Once switched to the New Visit Page, a pop-up window will appear. It contains short video tutorials that would help the Providers to navigate the new Visit page. Providers can click on the title of the video tutorials at the left side of the window to jump to a specific topic. 


Note: You are able to temporarily switch back and forth to the old and new versions. Please take time to practice before the old version retires. 


For further assistance, please contact us here.


(This article was last updated on: 15 December 2022)

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