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Show Network Warnings and Statistics

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1. Open the VSee Messenger app. 

2. Click on the gear icon > General > Check Show network warnings to automatically show warnings if you or other participants experience network issues while in a call.


1. While in a call, click on the 3 horizontal dots > Tools > Network Statistics to view the network statistics of each participant.

 You can type Ctrl + I (Win) or Cmd + I (Mac) as a shortcut.

2. Alternatively, you can also view the statistics from your video window. Click More > Network Statistics.

3. The statistics window will open and show various data like current upload and download speed, CPU usage, network delay among other things. 

This information is particularly useful for troubleshooting purposes. If experiencing any technical issues, take a screenshot of your Network Statistics window and send it to with your detailed description of the problem. 

A. Type of connection e.g. UDP Direct
B. Operating System and VSee Messenger Version
C. Audio bandwidth
D. Video bandwidth
E. Screen share bandwidth
F. Network Delay (see also graph)
G. CPU usage (see also graph)
H. Measured upload and download speed (capped at 8000 kbps)
I. Active upload speed (maximum upload speed)


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