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Show Network Warnings and Statistics

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This provides users with visual prompts regarding issues with the network connection of participants on an ongoing call.  You may also view the network statistics window to see real-time network activity.

How can I see a network warning?

How do I check my network statistics?

How do I view the network statistics window during a call? 

What information will I see in the network statistics window?

Show Network Warnings

Automatically show warnings if you or other participants experience network issues while in a call. To set this, please follow the steps below:

1. Open the VSee Messenger app and click on the Gear icon. 

2. Select General. 

3. Check Show network warnings. 

If this option is not checked, the user will not be getting any text messages about the network issue although the user will still see the network bars in Red indicating that the connection is bad. 

Viewing Network Statistics

This provides useful troubleshooting information used by our IT team to determine the user’s network stability. If experiencing any technical issues, take a screenshot of your Network Statistics window and send it to with your detailed description of the problem. To open it, please see the steps below:

1. Click on the ellipsis.

2. Select Tools. 

3. Then select Network Statistics. 

You may also type Ctrl + I (Windows) or Cmd + I (Mac) as a shortcut.

Viewing Network Statistics During a Call 

Alternatively, you can also view the statistics from your video window during a call. 

1. Click More 

2. Then select Network Statistics

The statistics window will open and show various data like current upload and download speed, CPU usage, and network delay among other things.   

Network Statistics Window Information

A. Type of connection e.g. UDP Direct

-Show what type of connection the messenger app is using together with the user’s IP address

B. Operating System and VSee Messenger Version

-Details about running operating system and version of Vsee Messenger App

C. Audio bandwidth

-value should be more than 30kpbs to have a good audio feed otherwise stuttering or distorted audio may be experienced by the user. 0 value will result in no audio 

D. Video bandwidth

-value should be more than 300kpbs to have a good video feed otherwise freezing or distorted video may be experienced by the user. 0 value will result in no video

E. Screen share bandwidth

-shows bandwidth used during screen sharing

F. Network Delay (see also graph)

-when the graph is showing more than 300ms, the user may experience a delay or freezing video feed during the call 

G. CPU usage (see also graph)

-value over 85% may cause video and audio issues due to CPU running at almost max capacity. Closing other apps may help in such situations

H. Measured upload and download speed (capped at 8000 kbps)

-provides real-time details on users’ upload and download speeds

I. Active upload speed (maximum upload speed)

-shows the maximum upload speed of the user 


 If you have any questions, please contact us at

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