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Room Level Configurations

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Available on June 21, 2022

You cou can now control your room-level configurations as Admin. This allows more flexibility when setting up different rooms under the same practice/clinic so we can support your different workflows. 

1. Go to Rooms.

2. Select Enable/Disable Feature tab.

3. Under Meeting/Visit Options, toggle the current workflow configuration options available: 

  • Walk-In Visits

  • Scheduled Appointments

Group Appointments
Allow Patient to Self Schedule

General Logic

• If the toggle for “Follow Clinic Settings” is on, it will follow the clinic’s settings

•If the toggle is off, changes on the clinic level will not affect the room level


Once you toggle off the Scheduled Appointment field, the Group Appointment and the Allow Patient to Self Schedule fields will be greyed out.


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This article was last updated on: 20 June 2022

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