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Identity Proofing for DoseSpot ePrescription (eRx) for Controlled Substances - Knowledgebase / VSee Clinic for Providers / eRx - VSee Helpdesk

Identity Proofing for DoseSpot ePrescription (eRx) for Controlled Substances

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How to Complete the Identity Proofing Process

Clinicians must complete the identity proofing (IDP) process before they can sign and send prescriptions - this is done to eliminate any unauthorized persons that may want to abuse the privilege of ePrescription (eRx).

Initiate IDP Process

Note: This is only for those who will be eprescribing controlled substances.

If you see a pop-up asking for TFA, please disregard or close the pop-up.

If you will be eprescibing controlled substances, please contact support

Click the eRx tab on your Clinic dashboard menu.

Click the exclamation point (!) icon next to the Clinic Name in the DoseSpot header (top left of the page).

An Alerts popup will appear. Click the link to launch the first step of the IDP process.

IDP Step 1
Check the authorization box at the top of the popup. Fill out all fields on the form, see below for additional information on utilizing Experian One Time Password (OTP) functionalities:

If a “Mobile” phone type is selected, an agreement checkbox will display. This will configure the IDP workflow to include the OTP step. Please note, if the phone type is “Home”, the agreement checkbox will be hidden, and the user will continue with the traditional workflow that results in an Experian Letter being sent out.

Once Step 1 has been completed with the proper info, mobile phone numbers will receive a text message containing a One Time Password. This password will expire in 7 days if not used.

Once the user has entered their One Time Password, they will move on to IDP Step Two


  • The information is for the purpose of Experian IDP only. DoseSpot does not save any of the information entered in the form.
  • Some information for IDP is optional, but to increase the likelihood of a successful IDP attempt, it’s recommended to also include all optional fields.

IDP Step 2
If step one was completed successfully, either via the OTP workflow or the traditional letter pathway, Experian will return a collection of financial-based questions and answers. The clinician must successfully complete three (and sometimes four) questions to complete identity proofing.

IDP Step 3
If identity proofing was completed successfully, the clinician will be prompted to set a unique 4-digit PIN number.

To set a PIN, click the “Set PIN” button. Enter a 4-digit PIN number and click “OK.” This completes the IDP process.


  • PINs cannot be four repeating numbers (i.e. 1111) or 1234.
  • If the clinician failed to answer the questions correctly, they will receive the message “You have failed Identity Proofing.
    Please close this window and try again.” The clinician can attempt to complete identity proofing up to two times.

Letter from Experian

Following successful completion of IDP, Providers have the option to receive a letter from Experian with a unique Reference Number. This letter is sent in the mail to the user’s home address on record.

If Experian OTP fails or the provider opts out of the Experian OTP workflow, they will receive the letter displayed. The Reference Number is required to activate EPCS

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Last updated on: 6 June 2022

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