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Identity Proofing for DoseSpot ePrescription (eRx)

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For Providers who have not completed the Identity Proofing Process (IDP), and new eRx subscribers from March 31, 2024, onwards - this guide will walk you through the newly introduced facial recognition identification feature for Identity Proofing of DoseSpot.

1. Once you have signed into your profile, look for the “!” next to the welcome message in the top left corner of your home page.

2. The “!” will pop up the alert seen below. Click Please click here to complete the Identity Proofing to begin the identity proofing.

3. A disclaimer explaining the identity proofing process and what will be needed during the process will pop up. Check the box, then click Start to proceed to the IDP.

4. When the disclaimer is finished, you will see the first step (left picture below) in the process. You will fill out your personal information and hit next. Please be mindful of what has a red asterisk and is mandatory for completing IDP. Once “Next” is selected, you will see step 2 of the IDP. You will be asked four multiple-choice questions about your credit history. Select “Next” once completed.

5. This brings us to the new facial recognition step of IDP. You will see here in this popup that a link and instructions have been sent to your cell phone through text message (right picture). You will complete the Facial Recognition on your own.

6. After facial recognition has been completed on your cell phone, you will see one of two banners at the top of your DoseSpot page.

  • The green banner shows a successful message that IDP has been completed.
  • The red banner shows a failed IDP.

Need more assistance? Send us an email at or check out the Help section under the Profile Menu of your VSee Clinic.

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