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How to Invite a Patient (Free VSee Clinic)

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One of the ways patients can get into a provider’s Clinic is by sending them an invite directly from their Clinic dashboard. Sending an invite to patients can help providers introduce their virtual Clinic or help patients to get to their virtual waiting room if they forget the Clinic link.


Where to Find the Invite Patient Option?

The following images will show you where to find the Invite Patient Option

  1. From the dashboard interface



2. From the Patient’s Tab



3. From the Profile Menu




How to Send Invitations

Click on the Invite Patient button on the Dashboard/Patient Tab/Profile Menu. 

  1. Click the Invite via Email field, and type the patient's email address. You can put multiple email addresses separated by a semicolon (;)

A. It is optional to add your custom message (e.g. scheduled date and time).

B. You can review the invite by clicking Preview Invitation.

  1. To proceed click Send Invitation.

Patients will receive an email invitation that will look like below. They just need to click the Click Here button to be routed to the landing page of the clinic. 


Scope and Limitations

  • Invite Link is not a scheduled appointment.

  • Invite Link will route the Patient to the Clinic’s landing page, it will require the Patient to Enter as a Guest to start a visit.

  • The Invite Patient feature is used for guest walk-in visits. 


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