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How to Book an Appointment as a Patient

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 1. On the landing page of the Clinic, you will need to log in first to be able to book an appointment. Click on Login.

Note: If you have not created an account yet, proceed to Sign Up.         

2. After logging in, you are routed to your Patient Profile. Click on Book Appointment to create the scheduled visit.

Note: If you have a preferred Provider, you can click on the Provider’s name under Our Providers and book an appointment directly with that Provider.


3. Click who is the visit for - You or a family member.

Note: You can select New family member to create a dependent account.

4. Enter your health concern and click on Continue to proceed.

Note: The intake form is different for some Clinics depending on their workflow.

5. You can add or update your health information, click on Continue to proceed.

6. Select the visit option and click on Continue to proceed.

7. Select from the calendar the date for your appointment.

Note: You can click on the arrows to select the previous or next month.


8. Select from the time slot available your preferred time of the visit. Click on Confirm.

Note: You can change the Provider of the visit from Any Provider to your preferred Provider under the dropdown menu. Once you proceed with Any Provider, the system will randomly select any available Provider for the visit.

Your appointment has been created successfully.

You will see an option that allows you to Test Your Device before the visit. You can click on Start Test or click on Skip.

Under Upcoming Appointments, you will see the scheduled visit you created. Click on Start Appointment to start the visit.

If the Start Appointment button is greyed out or unclickable, it is too early for your visit. You will be able to start the appointment 15 minutes prior to the appointment time.


Need more assistance? Send us an email at or check out the Help section under the Profile Menu of your VSee Clinic.

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