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How to Assign a Host

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Grant host privileges to other participants to help you manage your call. All hosts have the ability to:

  • Mute and remove participants for better call control.

  • Dial out to a phone number and bring other participants into the call while your hands are full.

To Assign a New Host

  1. Navigate to the video window of the participant you would like to make a host.

  2. Click More.

  3. Select Make host from the menu options.  

     4. Click Make host on the confirmation pop-up.  

  • When a participant has been granted host privileges, that participant will get a notification pop-up indicating they’ve been made a host.

  • All Hosts will have a star icon next to their video window name.

Scope and Limitations:

  • Once a participant has been added as host, the main host would not be able to take back the host privileges granted to the new host.

  • New host status can’t be removed by the main host unless the new host leaves the session.

  • Hosts can remove each other from the call.

  • If the host leaves before the participants do, a random host would be selected by the system among the remaining participants.

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