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How to Answer E-Consults

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What is an E-Consult or Asynchronous Visit?

A Patient can submit a medical inquiry as an e-Consult (or asynchronous message/chat) without the need for a videocall visit with Provider.

There are two locations in the VSee Clinic where you can view and accept the e-consult request. 

For shared clinics, a patient can send an e-consult without a preferred Provider who would answer it.

Scope and Limitations

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Viewing From the Dashboard

1. Click on any of the links (Visit #/Visit status-assignment). You will be routed to the Patient information page and can view the visit details. 

2. Check the medical inquiry of the Patient in the chief complaint or reason for the visit field.

3. Click the Notes tab. 

4. Scroll down the SOAP Notes section and answer the e-Consult under the Patient Instructions field. You can also attach a file. You may save it for later or click the Sign & Send button to submit the answer.  

5. Click Complete Visit.


Viewing From Patients Tab

The Provider dashboard only shows a maximum of 3 of the most recent e-Consults of the clinic. To view all of the e-Consults;

  1. Click on Patients tab.  

2. Go to All Visits tab.

3. Scroll through the visits under Type column, locate the E-Consult request.

Note: If there are multiple recent video consultations in the clinic, click the arrow button down under Type column until it shows E-Consult visits at the top of the list.

4. Hit the right arrow key of the keyboard until you can see the Action column, then click on View.

5. Once in the Patient Information page, click Notes tab to answer the e-Consult.

The same steps apply: Viewing From the Dashboard


Accepting an E-Consult in a Multi-Provider Clinic

If a Patient submitted an e-Consult without a preferred provider in a shared clinic, any Provider can choose to accept it by clicking on the Accept E-Consult button located under the E-Consult field in the Dashboard.

You will see a pop-up notification that the E-Consult has been assigned to you. Click OK

You may start answering the e-Consult once it has been assigned to you.

Note: If you are expecting an influx of e-Consult requests, you may view all of them via Patients tab; check Viewing All E-Consult Requests.

Scope and Limitations

  • Only available in VSee Clinic Enterprise account
  • Not available in VSee Messenger app
  • Dashboard shows a maximum of 3 e-Consults

  • Please reach out to your Account Manager if you want to have this feature enabled.

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Last updated on: 25 Jan, 2022

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