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How to Add Multiple Providers to an Appointment

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Sometimes you need multiple providers to co-host a visit. You can now do this with scheduled appointments only. We’ve added functionality so when you create an appointment, you can add as many co-host providers as you need. 

All co-hosts can modify the appointment as needed. They will also have hosting privileges during the video call such as being able to mute-all participants. 

When would I use multi-hosted visits?

  • For doing breakout sessions during a group appointment.

  • For including a back-up provider on the appointment.

  • For automatically notifying a front desk admin if the primary provider becomes unavailable.

  • For other workflows specific to you.

How to add multiple providers to an appointment

  1. Click “+ more provider” when scheduling a new visit. or check out the Help section under the Profile Menu of your VSee Clinic.


    This article was last updated on: 17 April 2023

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