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How to Add Multiple Providers to an Appointment

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Sometimes you need multiple providers to co-host a visit. You can now do this with scheduled appointments only. We’ve added functionality so when you create an appointment, you can add as many co-host providers as you need. 

All co-hosts can modify the appointment as needed. They will also have hosting privileges during the video call such as being able to mute-all participants. 

When would I use multi-hosted visits?

  • For doing breakout sessions during a group appointment.
  • For including a back-up provider on the appointment.
  • For automatically notifying a front desk admin if the primary provider becomes unavailable.
  • For other workflows specific to you.

How to add multiple providers to an appointment

  1. Click “+ more provider” when scheduling a new visit.

  2. Type the first few letters of the provider’s name and search from the suggested dropdown list of providers. Select all the providers you would like to add to the appointment, then click the “Create Visit” button.

  3. Review details and click the “Confirm” button if everything is correct.

  4. If there are no conflicts with any of the guest providers’ schedules, the new visit will be confirmed.
    Note: Any of the added providers will be able to edit the scheduled visit.

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