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How to Add a Virtual Background (VM)

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Blur your background or replace it with one of our images during your VSee Messenger calls.


What is a Virtual Background?

It is a feature that replaces your background for privacy purposes or to avoid visual distractions for the person on the other end of the line. You may choose to blur your background or replace it with one of our stock backgrounds. 


Adding a Virtual Background on Windows Device & macOS

1. Click on the arrow on the camera icon.

2. On the selection that pops up, click on Select Background.
vb new.JPG

3. Choose from different levels of background blurring or different background replacement images. Clicking on the selection will show you a preview of how it would look.

4. Once you have chosen your desired background, click on Apply.


Enjoy your new background!


Scope and Limitations:

  •  The virtual background can be selected when in a video call visit or before the visit by using the Test Call Testing service

  • Your previously selected background will be saved and automatically loaded on your next visit.

  • This function works best when you have ample ambient lighting.

  • Not available on Mobile - Android or iOS.

  • Not available on the VSee Clinic Mobile App for Patients.

  • There is no option to upload your virtual background image at the moment. For customization requests, please contact Sales.


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