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Call Testing Service for VSee Messenger

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A very useful feature to check if your microphone and camera are working properly is to call VSee's call testing service. You can do this by calling "Test Call" which is added by default as a contact.

Note: Don’t forget to close the window after testing your devices. Leaving your camera open on this window would show other video platforms that your camera is still being used.

How to Make a Test Call

How to Open the Camera


Make a Test Call

  1. On the VSee Messenger App, go to Contacts 

  2. Search for Test Call

  3. Hover through the contact: Test Call, then click the Video icon to start the call


test call.png

Once you start the call, you should see yourself on both video feed windows that show your camera is working. This also confirms that your video feed is properly relayed through our servers and back to the other person on the call.



Not so very often, may not be available due to server maintenance and/or updates. If you are getting a message that it’s busy, just retry, and eventually, you should be able to get through and complete the test call.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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