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E-Consult Settings

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Enable E-Consult Under Preferences 

The Provider is required to enable manually the e-consult preference when using the VSee Clinic for the first time;

1. Click on user name.

2. Select My Account.

3. Go to Preferences tab.
4.  Click from No to Yes on the Accept E-consult field. 
5. Click on Update to save the change.


E-Consult Visit Option Under My Clinic

It is important that there is an e-Consult visit option. To check;

1. Click on user name.

2. Select My Clinic.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and under Visit Options, you should find the e-Consult visit option. You can have it as Free or add a Charge. Make sure the Visible to patients checkbox is selected so that patients can choose this option. If not found, please contact VSee Support for assistance in enabling it.

Scope and Limitations

  • Only available in VSee Clinic Enterprise account
  • Not available in VSee Messenger app

  • Please reach out to your Account Manager if you want to have this feature enabled.

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 For further assistance, please contact us here.

Last updated on: 3 June, 2022

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