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What You Will Find in the Calendar

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The VSee Calendar is often used not only to view and monitor your appointment within the day, week, or month but also to create scheduled appointments for your Patients and create your available slots if your clinic allows Patient initiated scheduling.

For easy understanding, Calendar activities are color coded. Any of these colors will be reflected on the calendar depending on what specific activity is created on a day.

The time zone on the left side of the calendar automatically shows the timezone you are following based on your location / while the Time division shows how the time on the right side of your calendar is displayed. Timezone and time division can both be manually changed through the dropdown arrow right beside them.

The greenish background indicates the day today while the red line signifies the current time of the day.

This is an added help for you to be able to track your Clinic’s different engagements.

Whatever engagements you have within the day, week, or month, your Calendar will help you easily view and monitor all of them.

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