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What can a Clinic Analyst Do?

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The Clinic Analyst is one of the new admin user roles which is responsible for reviewing data of the clinic. This user role will be restricted to only viewing reports and tabs that are free from PHI data.


How to View the Data Analytics Dashboard as an Analyst

How to Export Data From the Clinic


Viewing the Data Analytics Dashboard

  1. After logging in, the Analyst needs to open profile menu by clicking on their name.
  2. Select Admin Panel.

Analyst will be presented with the Data Analytics Dashboard, with which they can control on how they want to display and organize data that’s most important for the clinic.   

Exporting Data

Analyst can efficiently export data displayed per widget with a single click.  

  1. Select the widget you would like to get the data. Click on the ellipsis.
  2. Select Export.

The data will be downloaded and saved automatically in your device as a csv file. Click to view.

Please contact Sales or your Account Manager to add this role to your Clinic.


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Last updated on: 14 March 2022

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