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The Visit Chat feature

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The Visit chat stores all the chat conversations per visit. This is separate from the Direct Message/Private Message chat which is per patient.

After a call is over, the chat can continue until the Provider closes it off when the visit is over.

Also, when the visit is completed, all the participants and hosts will be kicked out of the call and it will capture the chat log, and add it back into the visit


How effective is this new chat feature?

  • We unified the multiple versions of chat in the VSee Clinic e.g. In-call chat, 1-1 chat, Group chat, etc.

  • Provider or patient can communicate even before the call is happening as long as the Provider already initiated the chat

  • The chat ends as soon as the visit has been marked completed     


How to Use the Visit Chat?

Once you can see the patient/s and participants of the visit in the Waiting room Dashboard, you can initiate the Visit chat.

Before the Call

1. Click on the Visit Chat button. 


Note: On the patients’ and guests’ side, the Visit chat is currently greyed out. They are unable to initiate the chat, not unless they are already in the call with the Provider or the Provider already initiated the chat.


2. The chat window will appear at the bottom right of the screen. Type your message in the field provided or send a photo.


The Visit ID number will appear as the chat window’s name.


Note: Do not confuse the Visit chat with the Direct message/Private chat with each patient. 



During the Call

When you are on the call with the patient/s and the other participants of the visit. The Visit chat is clickable for all participants. 

1. Click on the Visit Chat button on the menu tray. (Previously, this was the In-call chat)

2. Send your message or photos on the chat window that has the Visit ID number.




Need more assistance? Send us an email at or check out the Help section under the Profile Menu of your VSee Clinic.

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