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Stripe > Create a Coupon

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Coupons in Stripe provide discounts on recurring charges.  They can:

  • Apply to every invoice, just one invoice, or for a certain length of time
  • Reduce invoices by a percentage or a flat amount
  • You can even define a coupon that must be redeemed by a certain date or is limited to a set number of redemptions (across all of your customers).

In VSee Clinic, we apply a Stripe coupon code as one-time per visit discounts called "Promo code", 

1. Log-in to your account at

2. On the left portion of your dashboard, select BillingCoupons > Click .

3. Fill out the required fields with details regarding your coupon.

  • Name: Input a name to identify your Coupon e.g. 15discount. This will appear on customer's receipts and invoices.
  • ID: Optional but you can choose an alphanumeric code to uniquely identify your coupon. ID can be the same as Name.
  • Type: Choose if percent or flat amount. Then input the % or amount.
  • Duration: Choose from the dropdown list. If you choose the multi-months option, an additional box will appear and ask you to supply the number of months.
  • Redemption Limits: Choose if you want to limit the redemption by date range or by number of redemptions.

4. Finally, click

Your newly created coupon will be available for use immediately. Send the coupon ID to your clients/patients privately so they can use it as promo code when they visit your clinic.

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