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Stethoscope Mode in VSee Messenger

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We recommend using ThinkLabs One Stethoscope with VSee.

1. Turn on the stethoscope.

2. Open the VSee Messenger app.

3. Click on the gear icon > Audio > Microphone > Select Microphone (Generic USB Audio Device) from the dropdown list. The mic name may vary depending on your device but it will always include the word “USB”.

4. Tap on the stethoscope until the microphone's green volume wave moves.

5. Still under Microphone, click Advanced > Check Stethoscope

6. A warning message will be shown. Click OK to agree.

7. Please refer to the stethoscope manual for details on how to further optimize the stethoscope’s sound quality.

Please contact us at for questions or assistance with your stethoscope.

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