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Record and Playback a Call

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Please take note that any screen and file sharing that happened during the call will not be recorded.

1. Open the VSee Messenger app.

2. Click on the 3 horizontal dots > Call / Meeting > Record.

3. You will be prompted to save the file first. Please note that there will be one file per participant.

4. If recording is ongoing on your end, a red recording indicator will appear on all video windows which only you will be able to see. If other participants are recording on their end, no indicator will be shown on your end as well.

5. To stop recording, click on the 3 horizontal dots > Call / Meeting > Stop recording.



Recorded videos are saved as matroska (.mkv) files. 

1. To play a file, you can use VLC media player. Please refrain from using Windows 10 Movie & TV player as it doesn't play the audio part of the recording. Alternatively, you can try third party recorders such as Screencast-o-matic.

2. For VLC player on Windows, go to Tools > Preferenc> uncheck Allow only one instance and Use only one instance when started from file manager. 

3. Save the settings. You should be able to launch more than one instance of VLC player. 

4. To play all videos at the same time, select them all then hit Play.

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