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Invite Others To Join You In VSee Messenger (Mac)

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Add a Contact

1. Contacts > Click on + icon > Add Contact.


2. Type the email address and click on

. If not found, click on Invite to VSee

3. If the email already has a VSee account, send a personal message (optional) and click on Send Contact Request.

Send an Email Invite, Import Contacts or Use your Invite Link           

1. Contacts > Click on + icon > Invite to VSee.

2. A window will open directing to

A) Find Contacts - Import your existing contacts to VSee from Gmail, Yahoo, and other accounts.

B) Invite People - Directly invite one or multiple contacts by typing their email address and clicking Invite. 

C) Share Link - Copy and send your personal VSee invite link to contacts you want to invite.


  • Add your share link in your email signature. 

  • If you have your own website, create a hyperlink with your share link

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