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How to Use the Chat Bubble

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If you ever encounter a technical issue, the Chat bubble allows you to reach out to the VSee support team.

You will see the Chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen, anywhere inside your VSee clinic. 

Note: The chat bubble option is only available for Premium and Enterprise clinics.

You have three options for support: 

A. Search for a Knowledge-based Article

B. Use the Live Chat

C. Submit a Ticket

How to Search for a Knowledge-based Article

1. To search for an article related to your concern, click on the search field under Knowledgebase. 

2. Type in your concern/question. And click on the suggested result (addressing the issue).

You can also click on See more results to view other related results (if there are any).

You will be routed to the VSee website - support page, where you can read the full article.

You can also utilize the search engine bar to type in other concerns/questions. 

How to Use the Live Chat

1. Click on Chat Now to initiate a chat with a live agent.

Your basic information - Name and email, including your phone number, are auto-populated as long you have added this information on your Profile page. 

2. Click Submit.

3. Type in your concern/questions and click on the arrow to send.

You can also send using an emoji or attach files.

A live agent will be available to chat with you at this point.

How to Submit a Ticket 

1. Click on Submit Ticket.  

2. You will need to type in your Name, Email, Phone number, Subject (Concern), and Message. 

The additional email address is optional.

Please make sure to add all the necessary information under "Message" to make it clear enough for the VSee support team to address your concern ASAP.

3. Click on Submit.

Need more assistance? Send us an email at or check out the Help section under the Profile Menu of your VSee Clinic.


This article was last updated on: 10 April 2023

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