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How to Reset Your VSee Clinic Password - Knowledgebase / VSee Clinic for Patients - VSee Helpdesk

How to Reset Your VSee Clinic Password

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1. To reset your password, click on Forgot Password.

2. Enter your email address.

3. Click on Reset Your Password.


A reset password email will be sent shortly. 

4. Open your email and click Set Password Now.



5. Enter your New Password and Confirm the Password as well.

These are the Password requirements:

  • The password must have at least 8 characters.

  •  The password must contain at least one of the English uppercase characters (i.e. A-Z), one of the English lowercase characters (i.e. a-z), one of the base 10 digits (i.e. 0-9), and one of the non-alphanumeric (e.g. !, @, #, $ or &)

  • Please enter a password that is different than the last 6 used passwords.

6. Click Submit.


Your password has changed. You can now log in with your new password.





If you have any questions, please contact us at


Last updated on: 20 July 2023

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