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How to Dial Out a Phone

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Dial Out a Phone

VSee lets you dial out to a mobile or landline number to add participants to an ongoing call at no additional cost.

How to Dial Out:

  • Make sure you are an assigned host (this is the person who started the call and anyone they assign).

  1. Click More           
  2. Select Dial a Phone from the menu options. 

     3. Enter a 10-digit direct US phone number on the pop-up window.

     4. Click  Call Now - It will be enabled after a valid US phone number is entered.

  • After the dial out call has been initiated, the phone participant will join as a blank call window identified by the phone number dialed.

Scope and Limitations:

  • Dial out calls may only be initiated by a call host
  • Currently supports direct 10-digit US phone numbers only as there is no number pad to key in extension numbers. 
  • Only available on Basic VSee Clinic and Enterprise Accounts.

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