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How to Call a Patient Using In-Browser Calling

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Call Patient Via Web Browser

Note: Please make sure that you are using the latest Chrome or one version earlier on Windows or Mac.

Jump into a call with your Patient from your waiting room dashboard.

Click on the Call button.

You may also check first the Patient’s visit details before getting into the call.

  1. Click on the Visit ID number or the Patient’s name.

2. Click the video call button in the Patient information page.

You can view the visit details under Intake tab.

Call Preference

  1. Choose to Join via Web.

  2. Check Remember my choice.


Microphone and Camera Permissions

  1. Click on Allow for VSee to access your microphone and camera.

2. Click on I’m ready button.


In the Call with the Patient

You are now in a call with your Patient. 

To view the Patient’s visit details while in the call, click the expand icon.  


Scope and Limitations

  • No live annotations during screen-sharing

  • No remote control for screen sharing

  • No file sharing

  • Providers must call the patient from the clinic dashboard and not from the VSee Messenger notification

  • Only available if your preference setting is set to Join via web browser or Always ask me

  • Currently supported on mobile browsers (Safari on iOS 13 and newer, Chrome on Android)

  • In-Browser call is supported only on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari

  • Unsupported browser users will be prompted to install VSee Messenger app as alternative to in-browser calling


For further assistance, please contact us here.

Last updated on: 27 Jan, 2022

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