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How to Bill for Remote Patient Monitoring

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For Patients who are under the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program, you can review their health metrics without the need to have a video consultation every time. 

1. Click on the Health tab. 

2. Click on the patient’s name

Note: You can also find and select the patient from the Patients tab. 

3. Click on the Health tab to view the patient’s Health trackers. 

4. Once you’re done reviewing the patient’s profile, click on the red button at the bottom right of the page.

A pop-up window will appear. You can see the duration of the session and have the option to add some remarks. 

5. Click on Save Session

You can select Resume Viewing to go back to continue the session. Or you can choose Discard Session to delete the time log. 

6. Click on Time Log to view the session logs of the patient. 

Note: You will see here the date and end time of the session, duration, Provider name and remarks (if there are any), and status.

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This article was last updated on: 2 January 2023

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