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How Many People Can Join a Group Call? - Knowledgebase / FAQs - VSee Helpdesk

How Many People Can Join a Group Call?

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Group Calls: Maximum Number of Participants

VSee has no hard limit on the maximum number of participants in a call. VSee will automatically scale down A/V quality when it notices that it can not send all its data to all users. However, due to network and CPU limitations eventually the conference experience will become poor even at reduced A/V quality. The exact number where this occurs depends on many factors, including whether or not the conference takes place on our video bridge server. For a conference to be placed on the video bridge, at least one of the users in the conference must be a paid VSee user. For a conference between free users that is not on the video bridge, we recommend limiting the call to 6 or fewer participants. For conferences on the video bridge 20-30 participants are reasonable as long as all the participants have fairly modern computers or mobile devices and reliable networks. 

Tips and Tricks During A Large Group Call
  • Have participants with low upload bandwidth mute their video. 

  • Mute your audio while not talking and unmute when you need to talk to.

  • If you are sharing an application, consider sharing only the relevant areas by making it smaller.

  • Make sure no other applications (or devices on your network) are using up bandwidth (downloading, streaming media, etc.)

  • Plug in a network cable instead of Wi-Fi.

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